Updated: Dec 20, 2017

The fear of sounding bossy or demanding inhibits many of us from asking for what we want and express our feelings. But in reality, being able to speak up for ourselves can teach usself-respect and lead to freater fulfillment in life.

There are logical reasons for a person's lack of assertiveness. But understanding the motivation behind them makes it easier to clerly state how you think and feel about things. Such as...

  • Being nice. From an early age most women are taught the importance of caring, nurturing and being kind.

  • Fear of Rejection or Disapproval. Fear of looking stupid or foolish, or really believing you deserve the things that you want, that some how the rest of the world is entitled but your not.

  • lack of trust in Ones own Judgement and intuition. This usually stems from negative messages received in childhood or even an abusive or contolling relationship result in the belief that other people's feelings and opinions are more valuable that our own.

“I am no longer emotionally invested in any strife in my life. I cast all my cares.”

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