Day of Thanksgiving

Day of Thanksgiving 2018 Thanksgiving- Celebrating while black

Samijo ENT LLC- 11/12/2018

Slave food

Pain and struggle


Lack of history

Day of Thanksgiving vs. Thanksgiving Day

Is there a difference? Yes , it is to me. Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of a day claiming a great feast that took place only because the “influence” of Americans in 1621. If I were a white American, this would be perfect but I’m not. Nor am I an American Indian which the history of this very day affects at least one American Indian each year as it did the slavery of Africans that were ripped from their homelands, tribes and families. Africans were stripped of any rights and dignity, treated as cattle and treated worse than any livestock. Is it much different today? Hmm

Throughout generations Thanksgiving Day came to be celebrated as a time to come together and reunite after splits, divisions and migrations of black families spread all over the world. Slave food became Soul Food-spirituals born of pain and struggle became Jazz, Gospel and Blues. So on that one American holiday that gives no apologies to the people who were unjustifiably displaced so very long ago,just as Africans were,.. I shall not forget.

Today, I am celebrating being thankful. Feeling thankful...humble and blessed to see another day! #DayofTHANKSGIVING

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