Updated: Dec 20, 2017

When friends give advice on love-are they talking about your troubles but thinking about their own? Ultimately, friends' advice is fairly predictable. When someone is happy with the way her life is going, she'll advise friends to follow a smiliar course. So will someone who's haveing doubtts about her own choices; seeing friends in the same boat can be reassuring. And if someone feels threatened, by a freind striking out on a different path, she may encourage behavior that will restore the status quo.

In these situations, nobody maeans to do any harm. In the end, you probably can't avoid being swayed by friends anymore that you can escape the influence of a culture that tells you when it's "in" to be sowing oats or when you should opt for commitment. But just a cultural messages can be viewed with a critical eye, it's also possible to put friends' advice in perspective. It's great to solicit friends' opinions and consider what to do-to stay with someone, break up, or give it one more try-must be yours alone. After all, when your friends go home and you turn out the lights, you are the one who must live with the final decision.

“SUCCESS is the sum of small efforts, Repeated day in and out, With never a though of frustration, With never a moment of doubt, Whatever your cherished ambition, Begin now to make it come true, Through efforts, repeated, untiring, Plus faith in the thing that you do.- Florence Taylor

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