Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Practice smiling and making eye contact. Practice can reduce the discomfort and relieve the awkwardness.

Use a script.

If you want to ask someone out on a date, write a script and pick up the phone. Or if you are going to a dinner party, write out your thoughts on a topic you know or interested in bringing couldn't hurt to do some research. Think of a practical joke-use it as a conversation starter.

Improve your Self-image by Analyzing your fears. You may think "I'm not good enough" or that person wouldn't even think of going out with me" ...usually that is far from the truth. Shy can people tend to generalize and jump to conclusions. People are tolerant , so calm down and relax.

Dwell less on yourself!

Concentrate on what the other person is saying...practising active listening help shy people focus more on others.

Choose role models.

Pick people with good social skills. Observe how it's done and maybe get a few pointers from them about their skills

“Be original, show off your style.”

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