Updated: Dec 20, 2017

The area where most mothers seem to neglect their duties is taking care of themselves and ignoring signs of exhaustion. If you're a mom it could be that you're being too hard on yourself. Here are a few tips to lighten your load-both physically and mentally.

A. You mess up, you clean up--should be of the first family rules to learn. Have your children participate in age appropriate chores in the house.

B. Teach your children new skills--Their participation will lessen your load and increase their sense of self-esteem and responsibility It is easier to do it yourself.

C. Praise is powerful--Reward the workers in your home/family with the best payment of all--praise. Your children will be willing to help the next time if you make them feel needed. That way it won't be so hard to receive help the next time you need it.

Perfection is the wrong direction

A. Put away the invisible measuring tape-Stop comparing yourself to other people's goals and dreams. Look for your individual strengths and be proud of your own accomplishments.

B. Decide which tasks are a must and which are a maybe. That you can't get to any given day will wait patiently. I've never had a sink full of dishes or a pile of laundry miraculously disappear because of lack of attention.

C. Accept the fact that your children are not living with a perfect mother.

“Work on yourself and all else will follow”


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