Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Until you can forgive, inner peace will remain elusive and the feeling of being a victim will repeat itself over and over.

Learning to forgive is a lesson that will set you free. Forgiveness doesn't mean condoning what someone did, or forgetting it, or absolving that person from responsibility. Forgiveness doesn't mean they get off the hook, scott free. It means YOU get off scott free. As the Bible says, turn the other cheek and forgive our enemies. How do you forgive someone who has wronged us in someway, whether physically or emotionally?

People find that forgiveness, even after the hurt has been inflicted, opens the way to resolving seemingly unconnected problems such as frug and alcohol abuse, compulsive eating, depression, even presenting gambling issues. Forgiveness can be a long process of healing, and only after you acknowledge, work through, and let go of hurt, can you lead a full life. Some people find that an act of forgiveness can boost their self-esteem and bring relief for such ills as headaches, high blood pressure and back ailments. Forgiving implies that you're responsible for yourself. Forgiving another person helps you become less judgemental of yourself.

We must enlarge our lives and reshape our environment so that we can release our instincts- T.D. Jakes Instinct

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